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How Sinc Inc. got started –

Sinc Inc., a sister company of Jersey Strand and Cable, was founded on the creative and original ideas of two men seeking to provide a next generation solution to the manufacture of wire and cable. Armed with years of experience and knowledge, Alan Camilleri and Alfred Pratt developed a plan to take the wire and cable industry in a new direction by offering customers solutions using innovative processes. Focused on their goal of change, they began Sinc Inc. to produce exceptional and distinctive products from ferrous or nonferrous metals specifically designed to customer requirements and qualifications.

Alan and Alfred had a vision of what was needed to change the wire and cable industry, which can be seen in the methods of Sinc Inc. Production processes are founded on solid engineering and fabrication principles as well as a desire to meet the need for new products by using creative solutions. The guiding principle of Sinc Inc. is its distinctive approach to wire and cable manufacturing and an innovative view of the market. Every problem is solved or confronted with technologically advanced methods and procedures, as well as the development of proprietary equipment.

Though the methods of the past have been successful, Alan and Alfred felt it was time to change and modify those approaches and bring them into the 21st Century. From their vision, Sinc Inc.’s skilled development staff have revolutionized the wire and cable manufacturing process to efficiently produce quality products at a reasonable cost.

The new process of wire cleaning –

Using a newly engineered machine, Sinc Inc. offers wire cleaning that can clean wire reel to reel. There are situations where a customer needs to preserve the gauge of wire they are using. By employing Sinc Inc.’s wire cleaning equipment, wire that has seen years of use can be restored and be cleaned of any oil or corrosives so that the wire extrudes better and welds without black marks. Since it is reel to reel, it is able to handle wire any length. Sinc Inc. realizes that customers may have concerns regarding wire cleaning and guarantees the safety and effectiveness of this new procedure.

All gauges and metals are available –

Sinc Inc. manufactures and fabricates any gauge of wire from 28 gauge to 44 gauge. In the wire and cable industry, customers need products that are specifically designed for their manufacturing requirements. Sinc Inc. is dedicated to listening to customer demands and conditions, regardless of how unique they may be. Our skilled development team is ready to meet your challenge to produce any size or type of wire, cable, and braid.

Sinc Inc.’s product line uses the full range of metals in the production of wire, cable and braid which are carefully selected from certified metal producers. Whether you need high endurance stainless steel or any form of copper wire, Sinc Inc. is anxious and willing to produce wire or cable for you at a price to fit your budget. Sinc Inc. is dedicated to doing what is necessary to ensure customers have exactly what is required.

Sinc Inc. innovation and dedication –

When a customer is looking for a wire producer, they have several companies to choose from. Sinc Inc. founders studied the methods of the competition and devised processes that differentiates Sinc Inc. Its development team have created advanced equipment based on the demand of customers for more efficient and productive methods.

The wire and cable industry is rapidly changing to meet the requirements of customers. The old ways of using wire and cable are shifting and taking new directions as producers devise products to meet market demands. This is what challenged Alan and Alfred and is the reason they founded Sinc Inc. with the goal of providing a fresh perspective in the manufacture of wire, cable, and braid.

The quality of Sinc Inc. products –

The key to any wire and cable process is the final product and the time needed to produce it. Sinc Inc. understands the importance of being on time, which is seen in its many satisfied customers. For Sinc Inc., customer input is a necessity in order to deliver tested and proven products in a timely fashion. Our business is driven by the creative ideas of customers working to improve their processes.

Quality products that satisfy customer demand is a founding principle for Sinc Inc. We will do what it takes to be sure every customer is satisfied with the final product whether it is single end wire, wound bobbins, wire wrapping, or precision spooling and braiding. Regardless of the task, Sinc Inc. is ready and willing to meet the demand.

Sinc Inc. single end wire is of the highest quality. Though single end wire is the most common form of wire, it is important to note how important quality is in its production and testing. Sinc Inc. has spent years perfecting their methods so that customers know when they see the name Sinc Inc., they are getting superior performance and quality.

Wire wrapping by Sinc Inc. is guaranteed to be perfectly fitted to customer requirements. The wrapping process has been efficiently designed to evenly and flawlessly apply the wrapping to avoid any kinks or imperfections. Sinc Inc. has designed wrapping equipment that makes the wrapping process smooth and uniform. Regardless of the high quality of our equipment, every wrapped wire is put through a thorough testing process and quality check at the end of each run.

Why choose Sinc Inc.?

The dedication of Sinc Inc. is to be the first choice for customers seeking high quality wire products. Sinc Inc. has skilled professional team members who are more than willing to assist a customer with any type of design or unusual requirements. We work closely with customers and listen to them to make sure we are making exactly what they require. It is this dedication and commitment that makes us a superior producer of wire, cable, and braided products.

Sinc Inc. is more than willing to take on your wire and cable challenge with our team of experienced and skilled employees. We have built our business on giving our customers the finest quality products in the industry as well as outstanding service and a unique approach that your order deserves.

Our goal is to innovate with you! To collaborate with our team, or to learn more about our standard or custom wire braid products, please reach out to Sinc Inc. by phone, email or by using our request for quote tool.


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