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Braided Wire from SINC Inc.

One of the many types of wire that we sell at Sinc is braided wire, or wire braid, which we simply make by braiding together separate strands of wire from braider bobbins.

What is Wire Braid?

A braid wire first starts out as a single end wire from almost any metal. We take single end wires and layer wind them flat on a bobbin that fits into a braiding machine. We can wind many ends but typically 2-11 ends are required. Sinc specializes in 28 Ga. (.0126 inch) to 44 Ga. (.002 inch) in singe end sizes to be braided. The bobbins are layer wound so when payed off in the braider they come off as a flat ribbon of single end wires.

Note that our braided wire is different than our stranded wire, which features strands of wire that we have twisted, not braided.

Braided wire is a great choice if some or all of your priorities include: breakage resistance, strength, flexibility, conductivity and/or sound absorption. Braided wire products are especially strong and conductive in comparison to regular solid wire products.

Our Braided Wire

We get requests for braided wire from customers in a myriad of industries, including aerospace, defense, mechanics, electronics and electromagnetic shielding, and construction.

There are many types of braiding machines and Sinc Inc. has machines which can hold 12 to 48 bobbins in a braider. The bobbins are loaded onto the carriers, which hold the bobbin and then rotate in a circular pattern around a core or just as braid to be flattened or left as tubular braid. Some machines rotate differently, some have half the machine rotating one way while the other half rotates the opposite direction. Other braiders move bobbins in and out of each other on a track system, these are called maypole braiders.

To cater to the wide-ranging requirements of our customers, Sinc uses over 80 different braiders in 12, 16, 24 and 48 carrier configurations, and can custom build braid per customer requirements. Sinc uses two different types of braiders which allows us to make wire braid in tubular, flat, or custom shapes, from wire sizes typically ranging between 28 gauge and 44 gauge in wire diameter.

We offer our braided wire products in countless different lengths, widths, and strengths. Note that the more wires, the stronger the rope.

In addition to providing you with new braided wire products, we can also improve on cables you already own by braiding wire directly over them. This is a great choice for you if you’re looking to improve the abrasion resistance of your cable or to create a shielding effect. often

We most manufacture our wire braid from pure nickel, stainless steel, copper both plated and bare, copper clad steel and we also accept requests for wire braid made from other materials. We offer custom small diameter and miniature wire options.

Cleaning Braid

Sinc has a high-end cleaning machine that can clean the braid so the wire is bright and has no residue. This is highly sought after as many customers now demand clean wire.

Getting Started

To help you determine the right wire braid configuration for you, a member of our development staff will discuss your custom application details with you.

Once they have enough information, our development team will design a prototype and produce a sample that you can review. Our team will then follow up with you to discuss the braided wire performance. They take into consideration all of your notes, and make any necessary changes.

After that, our sales team will contact you with price quotation and an estimated delivery date. Only after they’ve confirmed that you are on the same page our development staff will send your wire braid request on to our manufacturing staff.

Before delivering your braided products to you, our team puts them through a series of quality tests. After that, we ship your products to you.

We’re excited to work with you! Reach out to us today to get started.

Our goal is to innovate with you. We would love to connect! To collaborate with our team, or to learn more about our standard and custom wire braid products, reach out to us via phone, email, or by using our Request a Quote tool.