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Wire Rope Manufacturer Announces New Plant Manager

Jose Badano Plant ManagerPhillipsburg, New Jersey April 3, 2019-Additions in staffing continues the efforts to compile a strong Management Team at Jersey Strand and Cable.

The addition of Jose Badano, Plant Manager at JSC will continue to build a strong management team at Jersey Strand and Cable. Jose has 40 years of experience in the land gas turbine industry and aircraft engines specializing in conventional and non-conventional machining.

Jose has held positions of MFG Supervisor, MFG Manager and Director of European Expansion and Director of Manufacturing for companies such as Metem Corp. and GE in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Hungary.

Jose’s responsibilities will include optimization of strand and cable manufacturing processes, production organization, employee relations, plant safety programs, general maintenance, and repair/maintenance of machinery. Jose will be reporting to Executive Vice-President, John Pratt.

John Pratt says, “Jose’s ailities to optimize product lines will enhance our already streamlined procedures. it is great to have him on board to help with the daily operational organization of the manufacturing, shipping, and maintenance departments. Jose’s extensive knowledge of process improvement, Lean, Six Sigma and ISO procedures will improve production uptime.

Wire Rope Manufacturer announces new Sales Manager

Dave Bell Sales ManagerPhillipsburg, New Jersey – March 4, 2019 – Jersey Strand and Cable, Inc. is excited to introduce the newest member of our team Dave Bell. David is stepping in to lead the sales team as our new Sales Manager.

David holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Centenary College in Hackettstown, NJ. His professional background over the past 20 years included the US Navy as an Avaiation Structural Mechanic/Aircrew and has been working in a sales management capacity with both domestic and international companies during this period of time.

Most recently, Dave was working for an International German-based company selling industrial braking systems, supportive parts and services to the North American ports, mining and OEM markets in the crane industry. He was responsible for direct selling, acheiving all target objectives within the sales department and the company. This included forcasting sales on product lines, pricing strategies and projecting inventory levels based on usage within the markets. He formed strong relationships and performed site training with each one of his customers and grew the international business and within a few short years was able to almost double the domesic business within his territories.

President Al Pratt and Executive Vice President John Pratt feel that the addition of David’s experience and unique skill set for attention to detail, and his abilty to focus on customer service will enhance JSC’s ability to reach new customers as well as to service current customers in a greater capacity than ever before.

David can be reached at 908-213-9350 ext. 10 or at

Wire Rope Manufacturer Celebrates 40 Years of innovation!

40 years of innovation!

In 1978, Jersey Strand and Cable was founded by Alfred Pratt when he discovered a niche in the wire market seeing a need for small diameter strand and cable. He realized that he needed to improve upon existing equipment or develop new equipment that would be able to process what the customers demanded. Starting out with only a few custom built machines, the company has grown to over 200 production machines, many of which were conceived, built or modified by Jersey Strand and Cable.

Al has continued to drive innovation and product development throughout the years. Al’s wife and children have also played important roles which has built a family atmosphere within the company. More recently the company is managed by Al and his son John Pratt.

When engineers and designers are faced with the difficult task of finding just the right source for miniature cable or small diameter ferrous and non-ferrous wire rope to complete a new design project they can turn to us. Jersey Strand and Cable is continuously working on enhancing current products, making them better and last longer. With changes in technology Jersey Strand continues to modify processes to keep up with the market.

In addition to manufacturing strand and cable, we also provide other services to our customers such as processing customer materials, respooling, cleaning, and heat treating of products. Here at Jersey Strand we are always looking to develop new capabilities to meet the needs of our current and new customers. With Jersey Strand’s proprietary process we are able to provide quality unique products enabling our customers to complete their projects with ease.

A special thanks and congratulations to all current and past employees who have guided us through this 40 year journey and that have helped make us successful, looking forward to many more years of success.

Wire Rope Manufacturer Adds Top Flight Financial Director

michele-johnsonPhillipsburg, New Jersey – September 24, 2012 – Growth in the management team continues at Jersey Strand and Cable.

Michelle Johnson has joined JSC in the role of Financial Director. She brings diverse skills from a more than 20 year career. Early in that career, Michelle worked as a certified travel agent and Charter Tour Sales representative for Trans-Bridge Bus Line. During their corporate growth Michelle was intrigued and inspired to pursue a childhood dream.

That dream took Michelle on a schooling adventure and career change into the financial world. Business accounting was always appealing to her because of the unique challenges it presents.

Michelle comes to JSC after a long tenure at a distributer in the glass working industry with a more than 40 year history. While there she was given ever increasing roles including: accounting, purchasing, shipping, sales, marketing, web development, IT and human resources.

As JSC’s Financial Director, Michelle will handle all AP, AR, payroll, corporate taxes, insurance and accounting functions. Additionally she will utilize skills from earlier in her career to handle HR functions such as new hire orientation, plant staffing and coordinating with employees regarding health and fringe benefits and our social events.

JSC President, Al Pratt says, “I am very pleased with Michelle’s efforts in automating and streamlining our financial software operations. She is an excellent multi-tasker and the things she has implemented in her short time at JSC have allowed us to grow other parts of our business. ”

Wire Rope Manufacturer Continues Building For Future

john-prattPhillipsburg, New Jersey – January 12, 2012 – Solidifying top management continues at Jersey Strand and Cable. Executive Vice-President, John Pratt, has his role expanded.

John has been a staple at JSC for over 30 years, joining the business his father, Al Pratt, founded more than 30 years ago. John has been educated by the masters in the custom wire rope business. Starting out at JSC as a wire scrapper, John has seen his role grow along with the company. John earned his stripes, under Al’s tutelage, by mastering every aspect of the business here at JSC.

John currently has six direct reports and his responsibilities include project management, strategic planning, productivity, legal and compliance, and operations working “hand in hand” with President, Al Pratt.

Al Pratt says, “John continues to be integral to the growth of JSC and over the years he has mastered every aspect of our business. It is a comfort to me to know that one day John will provide continuity for the friends we call our customers. John continues his efforts with the same devotion and tenacity that this corporation was founded upon, and I am proud to see what my son has achieved here at JSC.”

About Jersey Strand and Cable
Jersey Strand and Cable was founded over 30 years ago. It is privately held and is the most diversified fine diameter custom strand and cable manufacturer of its magnitude in the world. Located in two facilities totaling over 100,000 square feet in Phillipsburg and Washington, New Jersey, JSC utilizes over 200 production machines, many of which were conceived and built or modified at JSC.